Dahlia in Sheer Fabric – Tutorial

The Dahlia pattern sewn up in a sheer fabric makes a super elegant dress. Originally, the Dahlia dress is meant to be used with opaque fabric since we want the seam allowances to be invisible from the outside, but with some minor changes, you can modify the pattern to work with sheer fabrics as well. Today I’ll show you how to sew the top of the dress with 3/4 sleeves in a sheer fabric.

All-In-One Neckline & Armhole Facing Bonus Pattern Piece for Dahlia

Want to sew a Dahlia dress more quickly and without the weight of a complete bodice lining? I’ve got you covered with this bonus pattern piece, an all-in-one neckline and armhole facing!

How to Sew a Cohesive Wardrobe

Sewing a Cohesive Wardrobe is easy; it only needs a bit of planning. You need to define beforehand, what your final style is going to look like and which colour scheme you’re working with. Then you’ll need to asses what you already have and what you will need to sew. Finally, you need to plan each garment quickly and in some cases, adjust the sewing pattern to make your wardrobe true to you.

Lavender Tester Makes Round-up

I’m so excited to share all the beautiful dresses and tops with you that my gorgeous testers made during the testing of the new Lavender sewing pattern! I’m sure you’ll find them equally stunning as I do! I really do appreciate the time and effort my testers put into this process. Without you and your valuable feedback, I couldn’t create such a high-quality pattern.

Hibiscus Tester Makes Round-up

I’m delighted to share all the gorgeous Hibiscus tops and dresses with you my lovely testers made during the testing phase! You can see here again how different the pattern looks in drapey and more structured fabric. I don’t take their engagement for granted so I’m truely thankful for all their support and the time and effort they put into sewing such stunning garments!

How To Lace Embellishments

Today I’m showing you step by step how to embellish the skirt of the Dahlia dress with lace, cut out from the same lace I made the bodice out of – it’s super easy! With its romantic bishop sleeves and the drapey ruffles at the bottom of the skirt, the Dahlia dress has the potential to look elegant and graceful. A way to enhance that even more is to use sheer fabrics or delicate laces and to add subtle details by embellishing parts of it. 

Dahlia Blouse Hack Tutorial

Today I’ll show you not only one but two easy possibilities to hack Dahlia into a top or blouse! It’s super easy and that makes six more variations to sew up this pattern in! A cropped blouse and a hip length blouse – keep reading to see how!

Dahlia Tester Makes Round-Up

I’m so excited to share all the beautiful dresses and skirts with you that my gorgeous testers made during the testing of the new Dahlia sewing pattern! I’m sure you find them equally stunning as I do!
Enjoy discovering all their beautiful makes and don’t forget to check out their Instagram accounts and blogs!

Spring Outfit Inspiration – Featuring Community Makes

Finally, spring is coming! I can’t help but get excited about the warmer weather – especially after seeing all your amazing spring makes popping up on my Instagram feed. There are so many lovely pictures of you guys and your makes, that I just had to compile a list of my favourites!

Behind The Seams

Get ready for spring and summer!
Flowy hems, feminine bows, cute ruffles, elegant volants, dynamic cut outs – those and much more were the inspiration for the spring and summer patterns 2019. Each pattern is designed to have a variety of design details which can be mixed and matched to make it either as playful and detailed or as simple and versatile as possible.

How to Sew a Whole Wardrobe alongside Your Busy Everyday Life

On my YouTube Channel you often ask me, how I manage to sew so much and how to get to a wardrobe that almost entirely consists of handmade clothes. So today I’ll share with you some of my thoughts on this topic, my best strategies and how I actually got to where I am now with my wardrobe.