Dahlia Blouse Hack Tutorial

Today I’ll show you not only one but two possibilities to hack Dahlia into a top or blouse! It’s super easy and that makes six more variations to sew up this pattern in!

Option 1 – Hip Length Blouse

The easiest way to create a blouse from the Dahlia sewing pattern is by cropping the skirt at about hip level, as shown here by Katrina @create_something_pretty. The construction of this blouse is exactly the same as the construction of the dress, so the steps in the instructions you’ll need to follow are the same as for the short skirt – just with cropped skirt pieces.

As you can see, Katrina kept the high-low design of the skirt pattern piece, this adds a lovely detail to the bottom of the top, but you can also level the hem if you prefer a sleeker look. She also shortened the ties which makes the blouse look even more sleek and elegant!

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Option 2 – Cropped Blouse

This is another simple way to create a top or blouse from the Dahlia sewing pattern. Of course, you can sew up a top like this by following the instructions for the dress version and then just not attach a skirt to the bottom of the waistband pieces – but there’s a way easier way! That’s what I want to show you today.

dahlia hack wrap blouse sewing pattern

What you need:

– All the pattern pieces for your preferred top version of the Dahlia dress

– Two waistband B pieces which have twice the width the pattern piece has (you can cut them on the fold width-wise to achieve that. The ties will be constructed a little different from the dress versions to avoid unnecessary topstitching.)

Before you cut out the bodice pattern pieces:

You might want to lengthen the front and back bodice pieces. The blouse I’m wearing in the pictures is made from pattern pieces not lengthened, and it is slightly short on me, especially wearing it with high waisted jeans. It ends just at my natural waist. So I suggest that if you intend to wear your blouse with jeans or any bottom that ends below your natural waist, lengthen it 2-3 inches. If you plan to wear the blouse with a skirt that sits at the waist and has a waistband rising even higher, you might be fine with the bodice not lengthened, though.

To sew up the bodice and sleeves, just follow the instructions, the steps are the same. The first thing different is how to attach the waistband.

1) Join the two waistband pieces (on a short side).

2) Mark the centre back of your bodice bottom edge with a pin. Align the centre of the bodice bottom edge with the seam in the waistband, the right sides of the two fabrics facing. Pin the waistband to the bottom edge of the bodice all the way to both ends and sew them together with a 1,5 cm/5/8″ seam allowance.

3) Now fold over the waistband widthwise, right sides facing, and close the open edges of the ties. You can reshape the ends from blunt to pointy ones if you fancy, it looks even more elegant. Then trim the seam allowance and clip it at the corners.

Now turn your ties right side out.

4) Then tuck under the rest of the unfinished edges and pin them to the bodice, overlapping the stitches a little bit.

You might find that easier to do from the inside of the garment, but we will stitch that edge down from the outside by stitching in the ditch. So if you haven’t already, move your pins to the outside of the garment, sitting just at the edge of the waistband, catching the folded edge of the waistband on the inside.

5) And, of course, stitch your pieces together along that line now, sewing as close to the waistband as you can. This will make your stitch line almost invisible from the outside.



Give the waistband a good press and enjoy your Dahlia blouse!

tutorial dahlia wrap blouse

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