Dahlia Tester Makes Round Up

I’m so excited to share all the beautiful dresses and skirts with you that my gorgeous testers made during the testing of the new Dahlia sewing pattern! I’m sure you find them equally stunning as I do!

I really do appreciate the time and effort my testers put into this process. Without you and your valuable feedback, I couldn’t create such a high-quality pattern. Considering my testers feedback, I had to change the pattern slightly. You might notice some differences to the final pattern, especially the front bodice is now less loose and has a better fit around the bust. However, be assured that it made the final pattern even better.

Enjoy discovering all their beautiful makes and don’t forget to check out their Instagram accounts and blogs!


Andrea (find her on Instagram under @andreanaturally and on her blog www.andreadsews.com) made the cap sleeve version with the short skirt out of a colourful medium weight fabric, what a perfect summer day dress!


Adri (find her on Instagram under @adritheschneider) choose the cap sleeves and short skirt as well but used a more delicate, drapey silk fabric – so elegant!


Kelly (find her on Instagram under @costumegirl39) sewed up the sleeveless bodice and the skirt with flounce. Cutting the flounce out of a different matching fabric really adds a twist to this pattern!

Crystal 3

Crystal (find her on Instagram under @crystalsewsandstuff and on her YouTube Channel) made not only one but two dresses during the testing process. The first one is a stunning cap-sleeved version with short skirt out of a luxurious crepe. What a fabulous outfit for going out! And the second one is a perfect summer dress with the sleeveless top and looks so elegant with the flounce added to the bottom of the skirt.


Next, we have another cap sleeve version with short skirt by Monika (find her on Instagram under @allsewpetite and on her blog Allsewpetite.com). When I saw her pictures I immediately fell in love with her fabric choice and was inspired to sew a version out of a navy fabric with white dots for myself as well.


Samantha (find her on Instagram under @brimblebee) made a gorgeous 3/4-sleeved version with a short skirt – looks like a great dress for slightly cooler days!


Then we have Nicole (find her on Instagram under @nicoleflanagancreations and on her blog nfcreations.weebly.com), showing us another fabulous cap-sleeved version with a short skirt.

Agathe (find her on Instagram under @meherio68) used a quite drapey fabric to sew up her sleeveless dress with short skirt – what a perfect summer dress, this instantly gives me vacation vibes!


Hilary (find her on Instagram under @hilary.rose and on her blog hilarysews.blogspot.com) chose the sleeveless version with the short skirt, again we’re seeing the dress in a lighter weight fabric with a lot of drape. As you can see it works dressed up with heels for a night out, but I imagine dressed down with sandals it would make a lovely more casual outfit as well.


Debbie (find her on Instagram under @51bonnie) chose beautiful drapey fabrics to make both of her versions. The first one is with cap sleeves and a short skirt. Due to the plain fabric it looks like such a versatile garment! Debbies second version look even more elegant with the flounce added at the bottom of the skirt and the sleeveless bodice.


Cécile (find her on Instagram under @lusitao_couture) made the sleeveless bodice with the short skirt – twice! You can see this version comes out great in both drapey and more structured fabrics, as different as her dresses are, they’re both so elegant.


Joyce (find her on Instagram under @Joyce_freshleaf) sewed up the cap sleeved version and added the flounce to the skirt to lengthen it – while I enjoy the cute look of the cap-sleeved bodice with the short skirt, I love how much more elegant the dress instantly looks with the simple addition of the flounce.


Leah (find her on Instagram under @Leahs_sewing_room) used a delicate, drapey fabric to make her cap-sleeved version with a short skirt. This, combined with the fact that it’s solid makes this version look fairly elegant as well!

Katrina 2

Last but not least we have Katrina (find her on Instagram under @Create_something_pretty) with two makes as well: Firstly a beautiful blouse hack of the Dahlia pattern, she shortened the skirt pieces to hip level and adjusted the length of the tie. Perfect for cooler weather! And secondly skirt only version, the short skirt sewn up in a gorgeous drapey lightweight fabric. Due to the many colours in its print, it will pair with so many different coloured tops!

Happy Sewing!
x Tanja

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